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Vinyl Handrails

Vinyl Handrails are among the most common types of railings in apartments, nursing homes, small office buildings, and other commercial facilities. Vinyl provides texture and grip along railings while remaining resistant to excessive wear and tear, making Vinyl Handrails one of our most popular products for a variety of residential and commercial settings. We are pleased to offer many Vinyl Handrails in more than 50 vibrant colors to ensure that each installation not only improves safety, but enhances facility design and aesthetics as well.   

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  • Eldorado® Handrail

    Choose our Eldorado® Handrail for the best combination of ergonomics and aesthetics. Manufactured to comply with the Life Safety Code recommendation of 1 1/2" diameter gripping surface, this handrail is designed to be easily gripped by anyone. Features an aluminum construction to provide additional wall protection where used.

    • Materials: Aluminum and Vinyl
    • Aluminum: 12' long, 0.125" thick
    • Vinyl: 12' long, 0.080" thick
    • Weight: 1.2 lbs./ft.
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  • Horizon® Handrail

    Horizon® Handrails feature a full wrap-around design that enables a “power grip” for extra stability and maneuverability. Inside, an aluminum retainer provides reinforced support for both gripping and preventing wall damage.

    • Full wrap-around design
    • Made with aluminum and vinyl
    • Weight: Approximately 0.5 lb. per foot
    • Available in over 55 eye catching colors
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  • Majestic® Handrail

    Majestic® Handrails offer the perfect combination of stable grip and functional wall protection. At 5-1/2” tall, this handrail provides widespread coverage of facility walls and provides shock absorption from light to moderate impact. Ideal for installation along hallways and corridors in which carts, dollies, and other wheeled equipment is used.

    • 12' (aluminum retainer)
    • 12' (rigid vinyl exterior)
    • Weight: 1.9 lbs. per foot
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  • Presidential® Handrail

    Presidential® Handrails provide exceptional wall coverage and protection, while still providing a firm grip when used as a walking aid. With a width that measures 5-1/2”, this product delivers exceptional performance as both wall guard and handrail.

    • Aluminum Length: 12'
    • Vinyl Lenth: 12'
    • Light embossing on vinyl surface (optional grooved surface)
    • Ideal for use where pedestrian and wheeled/cart traffic is common
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  • Thunderbird® Handrail

    Thunderbird® Handrails feature a unique 3-piece construction that allows for mix-and-match of different colored components, making it easy to match existing décor. Manufactured with a groove to enable a full “power grip” when necessary, and featuring a guard rail designed to withstand light to moderate impact.

    • Length: 12 ft.
    • Materials: Vinyl and Aluminum
    • Resistant to chemicals and stains
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