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Welcome to Wall and Corner Guard

We sell industry-leading wall, corner, and door protection products. Each product is designed to minimize damage, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance the interior design of your facility. We invite you to browse our product categories. Wall and Corner Sales Specialists are standing by to provide recommendations, arrange delivery for color samples, and provide additional product information. To contact a member of our team, please call 1-800-342-0424.

Industry Leading Products

At Wallandcornerguard.com, we are pleased to offer the following categories of wall, corner, and door protection products:

Wall Guards. Available in a variety of lengths and materials, Wall Guards are often your facility’s first line of defense against unforeseen damage. Over time, damage accumulates and repair costs add-up. Investing in Wall Guards today saves time, money, and manpower long into the future. Choose from light, moderate, and heavy duty products according to specific facility protection needs.

Corner Guards. Corners can be easy to damage in virtue of the way they stand exposed to foot, cart, and vehicle traffic. Protect corners from damage that accrues as people, carts, and machinery move “‘round the bend,” and proactively prevent long term maintenance issues. Our Corner Guard selection is unparalleled, featuring a variety of products and color combinations that will provide added protection, without ever disrupting existing decor.

Handrails. Protecting walls while reducing slips and falls is a facility management win-win. Our industry-leading selection of Handrails includes various makes and models designed to do just that. Part safety bumper and part railing, Handrails are the perfect product for long corridors in hotels, hospitals, food service locations, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial business buildings.

Safety Bumpers. Hallways and corridors are not the only places where costly facility damage occurs. Our collection of Safety Bumpers includes products and hardware designed to prevent damage during everyday activities that cause low-to-moderate impact between trucks and loading docks, vehicles and parking bollards, and more.

Experts You Can Trust

We are specialists in wall, corner, and door protection. Each item on our website has been hand selected by industry professionals. We are committed to delivering only the highest quality protective products and customer service. We work closely with customers of various industries, including retail, manufacturing, education/schooling, hospital/medical, leisure/hotel, correctional facilities, and private home and property owners. No matter what the industry, our team is focused on helping customers achieve the following goals for their home, business, or commercial property: 

Wall, corner, and door protection. First and foremost, each product on Wallandcorner.com is meant to protect walls, corners, columns, and loading docks from accumulating unwanted damage. We feature a variety of products made from high quality vinyl, rubber, aluminum, steel, and brass materials.

Reducing maintenance costs. In addition to protecting the structural integrity of your facility, our team is available to recommend specific products to help reduce maintenance costs over time. Is your hallway heavily trafficked? Will machinery be operated in the space in question? By answering these questions, our Wall and Corner Sales Specialists help customers find protective products that significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs over time.

Improving facility aesthetics. At Wallandcornerguard.com, we help customer capitalize on the opportunity to upgrade facilities with protective products that also improve facility aesthetics. Our wide select of wall guards, corner guards, handrails, kick plates, and assorted hardware includes many products available in a variety of vivid colors and textures. From natural wood finishes to bright “Safety Yellow,” there are many options available to ensure facility managers and property owners find protective products that compliment existing decor.

Enhancing facility safety. In many cases, our products help facility managers and property owners achieve larger facility safety goals. Many of our protective products also improve walkways, provide a handhold along corridors, reduce slips and falls, and help to control wheeled carts, vehicles, and machinery. When applicable, each product page will feature additional product safety certifications and information, including ASTM certifications, fire ratings, impact resistance, and more.

On behalf of everyone at Wallandcornerguard.com, we welcome you to our website and invite all product and sales inquiries to 1-800-342-0424.