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Flexible Wall Guards

Flexible Wall Guards are designed to fit curved walls where contours make it impossible to use rigid, wood, or metal guards. Made of a durable yet flexible material, these wall guards conform to the surface of the wall for a flush application that protects against light to medium impact. This product category features several unique and pliable wall guards that ensure safety, functional, and aesthetic goals are met.

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  • Catawba® Wall Guard

    Protect walls while preserving interior aesthetics with the Catawba® Wall Guard. This protective guard was originally designed as a cart bumper, but over the years has evolved into a handrail.

    • Made of flexible vinyl
    • Available in 7 eye-catching colors
    • Custom lengths available 
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  • Cheyenne® Wall Guard

    A “continuous” design enables our Cheyenne® Wall Guard to be applied to unique wall surfaces, including those with contours and textures. Made of Flexible Vinyl over a metal retainer, this wall guard delivers excellent protection comes in 7 different colors.

    • Length: 12’
    • Weight: .7 lb/ft.
    • Flexibly Vinyl and Metal
    • Available in 7 unique colors
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  • Chippewa® Wall Guard

    Looking for basic and economical wall protection? Look no further than our Chippewa® Wall Guard, a basic product made of high impact Rigid Vinyl. Construction features 2 hollow chambers for simple shock absorption.  

    • 12’ in length
    • Measures 4.375” in length
    • Material: Flexible, high impact vinyl
    • Available in 6 colors, including Safety Yellow
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  • Pawnee® Cart Bumper

    Pawnee® Cart Bumpers are ideal for use in facilities where wheeled carts, dollies, forklifts, and other light machinery are used daily. Measuring 1 inch thick, these rubber bumpers are built to absorb the shock of heavy impact, without allowing damage to the underlying wall surface.

    • Thickness: 1 inch
    • Weight: 0.5 lb. per unit
    • Available in Gray only.
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  • Algonquian® Wall Guard

    Algonquian® Wall Guards are an economical option for facilities looking to invest in basic wall protection. The hollow and flexible construction of our Algonquian® Wall Guards enables a variety of applications in commercial facilities. Protect against unforeseen pedestrian, cart, and dolly wall damage with these simple yet effective wall guards.

    • Measuring 12 ft. long
    • Manufactured with high impact vinyl
    • Available in 6 basic colors, including Safety Yellow for added visibility and safety
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  • Susquehanna® Wall Guard

    Susquehanna® Wall Guards are made of natural rubber and maintain flexibility, even in cold temperatures. The signature teepee-shape of this wall guard offers exceptional impact resistance and wall protection. Available in Black and Gray (minimum 600 ln. ft.)

    • Made of natural rubber
    • Remains flexible in cold temperatures
    • Measures 3” thick
    • Available in 10’ lengths
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  • Maya® Wall Guard

    Maya® Wall Guards provide maximum “cushion” against mild to moderate impact. Manufactured with urethane rubber, and reinforced by an underlying aluminum retainer. This wall guard is easy to install with no visible hardware after application.

    • Thickness: 1.5"
    • Length: 8 ft.
    • Width: 4"
    • Weight: 1.5 lb./ft.
    • Comes in Black
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