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Rigid Wall Guards

Rigid Wall Guards are among the most popular protective products for residential buildings and commercial facilities. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, Rigid Wall Guards feature a tough aluminum retainer with external rigid vinyl covering. Ideal for a wide range of uses, our Rigid Wall Guards are designed to prevent impact, absorb shock, and keep walls looking their best.

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  • Arawak® Wall Guard

    Influenced by the Arawak Indians of the Caribbean and Latin America, our Arawak® Wall Guard protects walls from impact-related chips, scrapes, and dents. This wall guard also features a unique EZ-clip attachment system that simplifies installation labor and costs.  

    • Height: 6”
    • Weight: 15lbs
    • Custom Lengths Available
    • Available in 60 textured colors
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  • Apache® Wall Guard

    Apache® Wall Guards are a larger version of our popular Zuni® guards. Extending 2 ¼” away from the wall after installation, our Apache® Wall Guards provide exceptional protection from pedestrian and wheeled cart traffic. Built to withstand significant wear and tear, and available in a variety of lux colors to adhere to facility aesthetics.

    • 12’ long
    • Rigid vinyl
    • Aluminum retainer
    • Available in 9 lux colors
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  • Zuni® Wall Guard

    Zuni® Wall Guards extend 1 ½” outward, providing durable wall protection that is relatively low profile and discrete. With 9 soothing and muted colors to choose from, the Zuni® is a favorite among commercial facilities that must protect walls from cart-related damages while maintaining interior aesthetics.

    • Vinyl
    • Clear anodized aluminum retainer
    • Measuring 12’ long, 1.5” wide, and 1.5” deep
    • Unit weight: 0.6lb./ft.
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  • Tecumseh® Wall Guard

    Tecumseh® Wall Guards are our newest protective products for walls. Features a unique angular design with 1/2” rubber spacer for optimal impact prevention and shock absorption. Available in a variety of colors.

    • Measuring 12 ft. long
    • Weighing 0.71 lb. per foot
    • Aluminum Retainer: Channel natural anodized.
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  • Sundance® Wall Guard

    Sundance® Wall Guards have a unique half-rounded exterior that provides a fresh contemporary look, without sacrificing functionality or wall protection. With wall guard prevents impact, dents, and more with a rigid vinyl exterior that rises a full 2” high. Available with high gloss or embossed finish. 

    • Rigid vinyl with aluminum retainer
    • Length: 12 ft.
    • Width: 2"
    • Available in High Gloss or Embossed finish.
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  • Shawnee® Wall Guard

    Shawnee® Wall Guards provide standard wall protection with a decorative flare. Available in a variety of colors designed to mesh well with most interior décor schemes, our Shawnee® Wall Guards feature a rigid vinyl construction that defends walls from light to moderate impact in a variety of commercial settings.

    • Length: 12’
    • Width: 1.125"
    • Weight: 0.4 lbs. per foot
    • Materials: Rigid vinyl, aluminum channel.
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  • Powhatan® Wall Guard

    Powhatan® Wall Guards are among the widest of all wall guards that are available on the market. Choose from an array of vibrant colors, available with a lightly pebbled or fluted stripe surface. To save on installation and delivery, order our Powhatan® Wall Guards with EZ-clip installation system.

    • Length: 12'
    • Height: 7-3/4"
    • EZ-clip system available
    • Natural anodized aluminum retainer (optional – not included with EZ-clip system)
    • Available in lightly pebbled or fluted stripe surface
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  • Navajo® Wall Guard

    Navajo® Wall Guards are designed for use in a variety of residential settings, including dormitories, nursing homes, and common areas in apartments and condominiums. Extending 1” from wall surface, this rigid vinyl wall guard is reinforced by an underlying aluminum retainer and is designed to spring-back when hit. Available in lightly pebbled or fluted stripe surface texture.   

    • Length: 12’.
    • Height: 3"
    • Weight: 0.5 lb./ft.
    • Available with Plain or Grooved surface.
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  • Kiowa® Wall Guard

    Kiowa® Wall Guards are made with a unique crescent shape that offers basic wall protection, without sacrificing aesthetics. Reinforced with aluminum, this wall guard comes in over 55 vibrant colors to deliver wall protection without disrupting interior décor. Exterior enveloped in Rigid Vinyl.

    • Material: Rigid Vinyl & clear Aluminum (anodized)
    • Available Length: 12'
    • Available Heights: 5" or 8"
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  • Hopi® Invisible Wall Guard

    Hopi® Invisible Wall Guards are ideal for facilities that need to invest in wall protection that will not interfere with ornate wood paneling, custom interior wall paint, and vibrant wallpaper. Impact resistant and made of an “invisible” clear vinyl, our Hopi® Invisible Wall Guards deliver substantial wall protection while keeping facility aesthetics in mind.

    • Length: 8'
    • High impact resistant
    • Made of G.E. Lexan vinyl
    • Available Heights: 3" or 4"
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  • Chickasaw® Wall Guard

    Chickasaw® Wall Guards consist of an aluminum retainer enveloped in Rigid Vinyl. This wall guard extends3/4” from wall surface, protecting wall surface from damage. Now featuring a “spring back” design that enables superior shock absorption.

    • 4” in height
    • 12’ in length
    • “Spring Back” design for added protection
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  • Aztec® Wall Guard

    Our Aztec® Wall Guards feature a unique design that provides superior protection against heavy impact from carts, dollies, and light machinery. Extending a full 1-3/4” outward, this wall guard combines subtle aesthetics with superior functionality for various commercial applications.

    • Height: 3.5”
    • Weight: Starting at 8.4lbs
    • Choose from over 60 unique colors
    • Custom lengths available
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  • Shoeshone® Bed Locator

    Shoeshone® Bed Locators perform a number of vital functions for hospitals, nursing homes, hospice facilities, and other centers where patient care extends overnight. Each bed locator consists of two brackets, two molded vinyl end guides, and one standard Aztec® Wall Bumper. Together, this system prevents beds from damaging walls while also maintaining well-defined bed lines and aisles.

    • 4 feet wide
    • Designed for beds measuring 3’7” wide
    • Ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice facilities, and more
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