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Heavy Column Guards

Heavy Column Guards are your best bet for protecting columns in parking garages, loading areas, and other vehicle through-ways. Columns are at high risk for accruing serious damage from moving vehicles. Don’t let accidents cause severe damage. Reinforce columns with Heavy Column Guards to proactively prevent serious dents and scrapes during everyday operations. 

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  • Celestial® Column Guard

    Featuring a unique construction unlike any other wall guard, our Celestial® Column Guard consists of long strips that can be installed vertically, making this product ideal for protecting columns in parking garages, manufacturing facilities, and more.

    • EPMD Rubber
    • 8” in height
    • App. 6lbs/ft.
    • Comes in black
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  • UTE® Wall Guard

    UTE® Wall Guards are manufactured with lightweight yet extremely durable Urethane. Install our UTE® Wall Guards either horizontally or vertically to achieve your safety and wall protection goals. Ideal for use in a variety of commercial settings. Available in Charcoal color.  

    • 1.25" Thick
    • 10 ft. Long
    • 8" Tall
    • Manufactured with lightweight yet durable Urethane
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  • LOK-BOLT (3/8" X 3-3/4") - CELESTIAL

    LOK-BOLT (3/8” X 3 ¾”) – CELESTIAL hardware anchors products firmly into place. Measuring 3/8” by 3 2/4” long.  

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  • "U Shape" Washer - Celestial

    Our "U Shape" Washer – Celestial washers create a firm and stable layer between product and installation surface. Ideal for a wide variety of applications. 

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4 Item(s)

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