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Rigid Corner Guards

Rigid Corner Guards are a traditional solution for a long standing problem. Protect delicate plaster, wood, and other composite corners with impact resistant Rigid Corner Guards. Manufactured with commercial-grade Rigid Vinyl, this collection of corner guards is designed with both protection and aesthetics in mind. Choose from a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. Easy to install and maintain, our collection of Rigid Corner Guards delivers exceptional protection without ever sacrificing aesthetics.

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  • Andromeda® Corner Guard

    Reinforce interior walls and corners with the Andromeda® Corner Guard. Available in more than 60 unique colors, this corner guard includes extra long 2” arms for added stability and wall protection.

    • Available lengths: 8’, 9’, 10’, and 12’ 
    • Aluminum channel, encased with Rigid Vinyl
    • Custom lengths available
    • Product samples available
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  • Venus® Corner Guard

    Venus® Corner Guards offer a unique flush-mount design that blends seamlessly into walls for a finished look that does not disrupt existing colors and interior design. Manufactured with sturdy aluminum retainer for added “spring back” and shock absorption. 

    • 3"x3"
    • Ideal for floor-to-ceiling applications
    • Shock absorbing with "spring back" design
    • Weight: Approximately 0.9 lbs. per foot
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  • Space® "The Invisible Corner Guard"

    Space® “The Invisible Corner Guard” are the perfect corner protectors for facilities that do not wish to cover any element of existing décor. Space® Corner Guards are nearly invisible to the naked eye, thanks to a unique polycarbonate construction that renders them “as invisible as outer space.”

    • Material: Lexan, Polycarbonate Resin
    • Thickness: 1/8"
    • Lengths: 4 ft. or 8 ft.
    • Choose from 90° square, 90° bull nose, and 135° corner guards
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  • Saturn® Corner Guard

    Saturn® Corner Guards are a favorite among technology firms and modern designers who have an eye for unique aesthetics. Made with a durable and impact resistant polycarbonate resin, our Saturn® Corner Guards have a “wet look” that provides a trendy look without compromising on protective ability.

    • Made of Pigmented Lexan and Polycarbonate Resin.
    • Measuring 1/8" thick
    • Available in 8 unique colors, including Chocolate, Ivory, and Pale Blue.
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  • Lightning® "Peel-N-Stick"

    Lightning® “Peel-N-Stick” Corner Guards are a fast, affordable, and easy way to quickly invest in basic wall and corner protection. Ideal for use on smooth surfaces where peel-and-stick feature easily adheres to walls.

    • Polycarbonate Resin
    • Size: 3/4" x 3/4"
    • Available in 90° angle only
    • Not recommended for use on flocked or textured surfaces
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  • Electra® Wall Covering

    Electra® Wall Coverings offer added protection in offices, delivery areas, and collaborative work spaces where traffic, chairs, wheeled carts, and other items might otherwise cause light to heavy wall damage. Never compromise. Choose aesthetics and superior wall protection with Electra®.

    • Sheet Size (all thickness): app. 4' x 8' 
    • Available in thicknesses ranging from 0.030” to 0.125”
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  • Electra® Corner Guard

    Electra® Corner Guards are designed for use in office buildings and commercial facilities where wall and corner protection are top priorities. Now featuring a textured vinyl construction, Electra® Corner Guards are abrasion-resistant to Alcohol, Clorox, Ammonia, Gasoline, Sulfuric Acid, and more.

    • Made of Vinyl
    • Gauge: 0.080, or 0.093
    • Available Lengths: 4’, 8’, 12’
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  • Comet® "Thinline" Corner Guard

    A sturdy product, the Comet® “Thinline” Corner Guard is capable of withstanding sudden impact from nearly any object. Reinforced by an underlying foundation of aluminum, this corner guard features an exterior of attractive vinyl that is rigid and firm.

    • Size: 3”x3”
    • Weight: 0.7lbs/ft
    • Aluminum retainer for added protection
    • Attractive Rigid Vinyl exterior
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  • Apollo® Corner Guard

    Strengthen corners and protect interiors from damage with the Apollo® Corner Guard. Made of Rigid Vinyl with an Aluminum retainer, these corner guards are tough yet customizable to fit a variety of interior applications.    

    • Available lengths: 4’, 8’, 9’, 10’, and 12’ 
    • Rigid Vinyl with Aluminum retainer
    • Custom lengths available
    • Product samples available
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  • SURFACE Partition End Guard

    SURFACE Partition End Guards protect wall partitions from damage that might result from pedestrian flow, freight transportation, and light machinery traffic. Manufactured with a vinyl exterior and reinforced with an aluminum retainer.

    • Made of vinyl
    • Features aluminum retainer
    • Choose from more than 60 eye catching colors
    • Suitable for commercial and residential applications
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