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Vista Curtain

Vista Curtains hang in doorways to help businesses of various industries conserve energy, protect against adverse weather, and keep dust, fumes, insects, and noise at bay. These vertical hanging slats are made of flexible PVC to provide maximum insulation, without inhibiting flow of carts, personnel, or other machinery.

  • Material: PVC compound

  • Designed to withstand frigid temperatures without cracking/curling

  • Conserves energy while insulating against dust, insects, UV rays, and much more!



Vista Curtains are manufactured from high quality PVC and easy to install in doorways that lead to refrigerators, freezers, and other rooms that require some sort of control over incoming traffic. These durable yet flexible curtains provide a wide range of benefits to businesses in various different industries, including: Assembly, manufacturing, food production, and other environments where temperature, humidity, and contaminants must be controlled. Vista Curtains are made to withstand frigid temperatures and will not crack, even when temperatures fall below zero.  

Vista Curtain Details

  • USDA and OSHA approved
  • Manufactured with high quality PVC plastic
  • Stays flexible; Will not crack under frigid temperatures
  • Energy-saving construction enables personnel, carts, and other traffic to pass while conserving heat and/or air conditioning.
  • Available in Pre-sized (ready to install) or Bulk Pack. Note: Includes hardware for installation. 
  • Mounting: Install using Aluminum or Steel angle with strip fasteners. Sliding track doors available.
  • Allows light to shine through while keeping UV rays, dust, insects, fumes and noise at bay.
  • This product protects against UV rays – Special weldscreen PVC protects against welding flashes.
  • Custom door sizes are available


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