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Sequoia® Wood Handrail

Sequoia® Wood Handrails feature a scuff-resistant vinyl insert for added shock absorption and wall protection. Wood available includes Oak, Maple, Beech, or Ash. Variety of stains available.

  • Length: 12 ft.

  • Materials: Wood, Vinyl, and Aluminum

  • Available in Oak, Maple, Beech, or Ash (various stains available)



Sequoia® Wood Handrails have a wooden construction that features a durable vinyl insert that is both aesthetically pleasing and resistant to most scuffs and abrasion. Sequoia® Wood Handrails come with factory supplied returns that have a 45 degree cut for a seamless look at the corner. This handrail is available in a variety of wooden textures to compliment most interiors, including Oak, Maple, Beech, or Ash.

Sequoia® Details

  • Aluminum Length: 12 ft.
  • Vinyl Length: 12 ft.
  • Wood Length: 12 ft.
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs./ft.
  • Vinyl bumper available in the following colors: Black, Ivory, Tan, Desert Sand, Hunter Green, Windsor Blue, Eggshell, Sage Green, Cordovan, Beige Desert, Blue Bird, and White Sand.

Use item selector at top of the page to choose from various handrail components, including: Right or left returns, outside corners, and brackets.

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