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PolarisĀ® Corner Guard

Polaris® Corner Guards are made of aluminum alloy for maximum shock absorption and impact protection. Ideal for use in manufacturing plants and other commercial facilities, each Polaris® Corner Guard is non-toxic and non-flammable for added facility safety. 

  • Aluminum alloy construction

  • 16 gauge

  • Length: 10 feet (Max.)

  • Available with Drilled or Undrilled wings

  • Clear Anodized Brushed Finish



Polaris® Corner Guards are a non-flamable and non-toxic metallic corner guard that are ideal for use in any interior. Popular among restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and other commercial spaces, our Polaris® Corner Guards feature an aluminum construction that delivers heavy protection paired with stylish aesthetics. Available with a satin finish for a fresh metallic look, this product is especially popular among facilities with modern interiors that are sleek, sharp, and comprised mostly of steel and glass.

Polaris® Details

  • Made of Aluminum alloy
  • Thickness: 0.05 inches (16 gauge)
  • Length: 10 feet (Max.)
  • Supplied with ease edges (standard)
  • Clear Anodized Brushed Finish
  • Note: Must specify wing sizes upon ordering (Drilled or Undrilled)

Polaris® Certifications

  • Toxicity: Non-toxic
  • Flame Resistance: Non-flammable

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