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Laminated Bumper

Manufactured with a resilient rubber-cord material that is reinforced by support rods, our Laminated Bumpers are industrial-strength solution that provides maximum shock absorption and protection. Protect facility loading docks, delivery vehicles, and personnel with these bumpers.

  • Rubber-cord material

  • Uniform pad design

  • 3/4" supporting rods throughout

  • Please Note: Installation and freight are not included


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Laminated Bumpers are a tried and true products known to protect vehicles, loading docks, and other freight areas for decades. Today, the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all businesses protect loading docks with bumpers. Without these protective bumpers, businesses risk damage to facility, delivery vehicle/truck, and injury to individuals participating in the loading and unloading process.


To ensure a custom fit that delivers maximum protection and shock absorption, our Laminated Bumpers include 2 specific bumper types that are designed to piece-together. The first type is simply our “standard model.” This is the horizontal (top) piece that is placed along the top edge of the loading dock. The second type is the “overlap” type. These vertical bumpers are installed on both left and right sides of the loading dock.


OL bumpers are designed in such a way that multiple units are easily pieced together, parallel to one another, increasing the total width and protective coverage of the bumper system. These “OL” pieces will feature one side with an angle offset, and the other side will feature a regular offset.

Laminated Bumper Details

  • Resilient recycled rubber-cord material
  • Cut in uniform pads
  • Punched to receive 3/4" supporting rods throughout
  • Pad ends are sealed with metal angles that are welded to support rods under 1500 lbs pressure
  • Please Note: Installation and freight are not included
  • LB2240 6" THICK LAMINATED BUMPERS - Call for Pricing
  • LB2240 EXTRA LENGTH BUMPERS - Call for Pricing
  • LB2240 EXTRA THICK BUMPERS - Call for Pricing

One Year Guarantee

Laminated Dock Bumper guarantee offers to replace, on a service pro-rate basis within a one year period, bumpers which have lost their effectiveness because of wear. Damage resulting from faulty installation or accident is not covered, nor is damage to the truck dock or personnel.

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